BLDC DC 12v 24v High Speed Long Life DC Brushless Motor

  • Model: TEC4266
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Length: 66mm
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    Robot,lock. Auto shutter, USB fan,Slot machine,Money detector
    Coin refund devices,Currency count machine,Towel dispensers
    Automatic doors,Peritoneal machine,Automatic TV rack,
    Office equipment ,Household appliances,etc.


    1.Small size dc brushless motor with low speed and big torque
    2.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big torque application
    3.Can equip with Planetar Gear Reducer
    Options:Lead wires length,Shaft length,Special coils,Gearheads, Bearing type ,Hall sensor,Encoder,Driver
    Since it has low interference, low noise, and a long life, brushless dc motors (BLDC motors) have gained popularity. It is paired with a high-precision planetary gearbox based on its excellent performance, which significantly increases the motor's torque and lowers its speed, making it suitable for a variety of application fields.


    1. Long lifespan: Electronic commutators are used in place of mechanical commutators in brushless motors. No friction exists between the brush and commutator. The life is several times higher than brush motor.
    2. Small interference: The brushless motor removes the brush and has no electric spark, which reduces the interference to other electronic equipments.
    3. Low noise: Because of its simple structure of DC brushless motor, spare and accessory parts can be precisely installed.
    4. High rotation: A brushless motor has no friction between the brush and commutator. The rotation can be higher

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