GMP36-TEC3650 36mm High Torque Low RPM Brushless Planetary DC Gear Motor

A planetary gearbox is a frequently employed reducer made up of the planet gear, sun gear, and outer ring gear. Its design has the features of shunting, deceleration, and multi-tooth meshing to increase output torque, greater adaptability, and work efficiency. Usually positioned in the middle, the sun gear imparts torque to the planet gears as they revolve around it. The planet gears mesh with the outer ring gear, which is the bottom housing. We offer additional motors that can be used with a tiny planetary gearbox to improve performance, including brushed DC motors, DC brushless motors, stepper motors, and coreless motors.

  • Model: GMP36-TEC3650
  • Diameter: 36mm
  • Length: 50mm+Planetary gearbox
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    1.Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
    2.36mm gear motor provide 3.0Nm torque max and more reliable
    3.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big torque application
    4.Reduction Ratio: 4、14、19、51、71、100、139、189、264、369、516、720

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    Robot,lock,Auto shutter, USB fan,Slot machine,Money detector
    Coin refund devices,Currency count machine,Towel dispensers
    Automatic doors,Peritoneal machine,Automatic TV rack,
    Office equipment ,Household appliances,etc.


    Advantages of Planetary Gearboxes
    1. High torque: When there are more teeth in contact, the mechanism can handle and transmit more torque uniformly.
    2. Sturdy and effective: By directly connecting the shaft to the gearbox, the bearing can reduce friction. It increases efficiency while also allowing for smoother running and better rolling.
    3. Exceptional precision: Because the rotation angle is fixed, the rotation movement is more precise and stable.
    4. Less noise: The numerous gears allow for more surface contact. Jumping is virtually non-existent, and rolling is significantly softer.

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