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Small tracked robots usually require sufficient torque and stability to ensure their operation in different terrains and environments. Geared motors are often used to provide this torque and stability. The geared motor can convert the output of the high-speed and low-torque motor into a low-speed and high-torque output, which can effectively improve the motion performance and control accuracy of the robot. In small tracked robots, geared motors are often used to drive the tracks. The output shaft of the geared motor has a gear, and the track is rotated through gear transmission. Compared with ordinary motors, geared motors can provide greater torque and lower speed, so they are more suitable for driving tracks. In addition, in other parts of small crawler robots, such as mechanical arms and gimbals, geared motors are often required to provide driving force. The geared motor can not only provide enough torque and stability, but also keep the robot running smoothly by producing less noise and vibration. In short, in the design of small crawler robots, the geared motor is one of the very important components, which can make the robot more stable, flexible and precise.
  • Crawler Robot

    Crawler Robot

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