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TBC1654 high-speed silent coreless brushless motor can be used in the motor part of the portable tattoo machine. Due to its high-speed and high-torque characteristics, it can be very suitable for the motor part of tattoo machines, helping assassins to complete tattoos quickly. The advantages of brushless motors are high efficiency, high durability, and low noise. A tattoo machine using a high-speed brushless motor will be smoother and faster, helping to make the process more coherent and smooth. In addition, since battery charging is often a bottleneck in the use of portable tattoo machines, high-efficiency motors are required to extend battery life. This is also one of the advantages of TBC1654 high-speed silent coreless brushless motor. When choosing a suitable motor, it is also necessary to consider the parameters such as the size, power, speed and torque of the motor, as well as the required power, to ensure that it can fit the volume limit of the portable tattoo machine and provide enough power to promote long-term work.
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