High Performance Low Speed 2430 Micro Electric BLDC Motors Brushless DC Motor

  • Type: BLDC Brushless Motor
  • Size: 22mm*30mm
  • Voltage: 12V-24V
  • Speed: 5000RPM-8000RPM
  • Power: 3W
  • Drive method: Internal drive method
  • Life expectancy: 3000H-5000H
  • Function: CW/CCW,FG signal,PWM speed control
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    1. Brushless motors have a longer life because they use an electronic commutator rather than a mechanical commutator. There is no brush and commutator friction. The life is several times that of a brush motor.
    2. Minimal interference: Because the brushless motor does not have a brush and no electric spark, it has less interference with other electronic devices.
    3. Minimal noise: Because of the simple structure of the DC brushless motor, spare and accessory parts can be precisely mounted. The running is relatively smooth, with a running sound of less than 50dB.
    4. Brushless motors have a high rotational speed since there is no brush and commutator friction. The spinning speed can be increased.

    直流减速电机 (1)


    Robot,lock. Towel dispensers, automatic shutters, USB fans, slot machines, money detectors, coin return machines, currency count machines
    Doors that open automatically,
    Peritoneal dialysis machine, automatic TV rack, office equipment, household products, and so on.


    1.The brushless DC motor is composed of the main body of the motor and the driver. It is a typical mechatronic product. It does not use a mechanical brush device, but adopts a square wave self-controlled permanent magnet synchronous motor and uses a Hall sensor to replace the carbon brush commutator , With NdFeB as the permanent magnet material of the rotor, the position sensor energizes the adjacent stator coil according to the position and magnetic pole of the rotor, so that the stator generates magnetic poles that are attracted to the rotor, attracting the rotor to rotate, and this repeats to push the motor to rotate.
    Micro Brushless Motor
    2.Brushless dc motors (BLDC motors) are now a common product due to their characteristics of low interference, low noise, and long life. Based on its exceptional performance, it is coupled with a highly accurate planetary gearbox, which significantly increases the motor's torque and decreases its speed, making it appropriate for a variety of application fields.

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