GMP22-TEC2238 High Torque Low Noise 22mm Dia DC Brushless Planetary Gearbox Motor

  • Model: GMP22-TEC2238
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Length: 38mm+Planetary gearbox
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    1.Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
    2.22mm gear motor provide 0.8Nm torque and more reliable
    3.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big torque application
    4.Reduction Ratio: 16、64、84、107、224、304、361、428.7、1024
    A planetary gearbox is a commonly used reducer consisting of the planet gear, sun gear, and outer ring gear, whose structure has the functions of shunting, deceleration, and multi-tooth meshing to improve the output torque, better adaptability, and work efficiency. The sun gear is usually placed in the center, and the planet gears orbit around the sun gear, receiving torque from it. The outer ring gear (refers to the lower housing) meshes with the planet gears. We provides optional motors, such as brushed DC motors, DC brushless motors, stepper motors, and coreless motors, which can be matched with micro planetary gearbox for better performance.
    Wide range of micro planetary gearboxes: diameter 12-60mm, output speed 3-3000rpm, gear ratio 5-1500rpm, output torque 0.1 gf. cm-200


    Robot,lock,Auto shutter, USB fan,Slot machine,Money detector
    Coin refund devices,Currency count machine,Towel dispensers
    Automatic doors,Peritoneal machine,Automatic TV rack,
    Office equipment ,Household appliances,etc.


    Advantages of Planetary Gearbox
    1. High torque: With more teeth in contact, the mechanism can transmit and withstand greater torque in a more uniform manner.
    2. Durable and efficient: The bearing can reduce friction by connecting the shaft directly to the gearbox. It allows for better rolling and smooth running, simultaneously enhancing efficiency.
    3. Impressive precision: The rotation angle is fixed, which improves the accuracy and stability of the rotation movement.
    4. Low-noise: The multiple gears enable more surface contact. Rolling is much softer, and jumps are virtually nonexistent.

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