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Security Lock

GM12-N20VA geared motor can be used in the operation of smart safety locks to provide enough power to open and close the safety locks. This geared motor is a miniature DC motor with small size and high output power and torque. This makes it ideal for use in applications requiring high torque in smart security locks. In the design of intelligent safety lock, GM12-N20VA geared motor can be used to control the retraction and retraction of the lock tongue. The geared motor usually has a gear, which can convert the output of the high-speed and low-torque motor into a low-speed and high-torque output, so as to control the opening and closing of the safety lock. This geared motor has very good control precision, and the output torque can be adjusted to meet different safety lock requirements. In addition, the GM12-N20VA geared motor also has various protection functions such as motor stop and overload protection, which can ensure the reliability and durability of the safety lock. Through the use of this geared motor, the smart safety lock can be more intelligent, realize automatic operation, and improve the user experience.
  • Intelligent Door Lock

    Intelligent Door Lock

    >> Challenge Our client is a lock manufacturer. As is customary in the region, customers are looking for two different sources of the same motor component for supply chain redundancy. The customer provided a sample of their pr...
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  • Drawer Lock

    Drawer Lock

    >> Drawer lock actuator is one of the accessories used for household drawers. It is mainly used to add a door lock to the drawer at home, to prevent children from rummage, touch and ingest harmful items by mistake, leading to dangerous situations. It can also protect the pr...
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