TBC1215 12mm 12V 24V Dia Long Life DC Brushless Coreless Motor

  • Model: TBC1215
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 15mm
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    TBC1215 miniature coreless cup brushless DC motor is a special brushless DC motor, its biggest feature is the rotor structure. The rotor of this motor is also called a "core cup" because it is shaped like a cup. The cup is made of wire and has no other supporting structure. The coil is connected to the commutator and main shaft through a connecting plate made of plastic and epoxy resin, which together form the rotor. As the coil rotates in the gap between the magnet and the housing, it spins the entire rotor. This unique structure completely eliminates power loss caused by eddy currents formed in the iron core. Since the weight of the rotor is greatly reduced, its rotational inertia is reduced, which makes the TBC1215 perform well in rapid acceleration and deceleration of high torque.

    TBC1215 miniature coreless cup brushless DC motor is mainly used in situations where compactness, lightness and high efficiency are required. Since its rotor has no iron core and has a small moment of inertia, it has good acceleration performance and low friction, and is especially suitable for use in scenarios that require high torque for rapid acceleration and deceleration. In addition, this kind of motor is also widely used in high-end fields such as medical equipment and aerospace.

    Specifically, high-precision equipment such as robots need to take advantage of the high-speed and high-precision characteristics of coreless motors. In addition, because of its compact structure and high power density, it is often used in smart homes, drones, power tools and other products.

    It is worth mentioning that although we usually call it a "brushless" motor, there is actually a "brushed" coreless motor. The rotor of the brushed coreless motor also has no iron core, but its commutation method is precious metal brushes. In contrast, brushless coreless motors use the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve commutation, so there is no need to use any physical brushes. This design further reduces wear and maintenance costs while also increasing the efficiency and life of the motor.

    Overall, the 36mm 24V/36V diameter long-life high-torque DC brushless core-less gear motor is a powerful, efficient and reliable motor for a variety of applications requiring high torque output and long running times.

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