TT MOTOR factory 22mm diameter DC 12V 24V dual shaft high speed coreless brushless motor

  • Model: TBC2232 dual shaft
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Length: 32mm
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    High speed slotted brushless motor, diameter 22mm, height 32mm; High - performance hollow - cup motor adopts folded hollow - core winding and coreless rotor. This special altimeter gives us the advantages of high speed, high torque and low noise. Because there is no trough effect, compact structure, high and low speed can be stable operation, mechanical transmission, more accurate control, high efficiency, high power density.
    1. Advantages of TBC2232 motor
    1) High reliability, using Hall sensor instead of motor brush to change the motor rotation, low noise.
    2) Low electromagnetic interference, long service life, up to 20000 hours.
    3) High efficiency, NdFeb magnet rotor.
    4) Small size, light weight, PWM control.
    5) Optional: lead length, shaft length, special coil, gear box, bearing type, Hall Sensor, encoder, driver


    TBC series DC coreless brushless motor advantages
    1. The characteristic curve is flat, and it can operate normally at all speeds under load.
    2. Due to the use of permanent magnet rotor, high power density, and moderate volume.
    3. Low inertia and improved dynamic performance
    4. No special starting circuit, no rating
    5. You always need a controller to keep the motor running. This controller can also be used to control speed.
    6. The frequency of stator and rotor magnetic fields is equal

    Using precious metal brush, high-performance NdFeb magnet, micro-gauge high strength enamelled wire winding, is a compact structure, light weight precision products. This kind of high-efficiency motor has low starting voltage and less power consumption.

    Application program

    Business machine:
    Atms, Copiers and Scanners, Money Processing, Point of Sale, Printers, Vending Machines.
    Beverage Dispenser, Hand Blender, Blender, Coffee Maker, Food Processor, Juicer, Frying Pan, Ice Maker, SoyMilk Maker.
    Cameras and Optics:
    Video, camera, projector.
    Lawns and Gardens:
    Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers.
    Medical treatment
    Chemo, insulin pump, hospital bed, urine analyzer
    Automotive Application Market:
    Electric power steering system, electronic suspension system, car stability control system, car cruise control system, ABS, body system (Windows, door locks, seats, mirrors, wipers, sunroof, etc.)
    5G communication:
    Base station antenna, cooling fan, air conditioning compressor

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