TDC1625 High Speed 1625 Micro Coreless Brushed Motor

  • Model: TDC1625
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Length: 25mm
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    Metal end cover
    Permanent Magnet
    Brushed DC Motor
    Carbon Steel Shaft
    RoHS Compliant
    TDC series DC coreless brush motor provides Ø16mm~Ø40mm wide diameter and body length specifications, using the hollow rotor design scheme, with high acceleration, low moment of inertia, no groove effect, no iron loss, small and lightweight, very suitable for frequent start and stop, comfort and convenience requirements of hand-held applications. Each series offers a variety of rated voltage versions to meet the needs of the user, including gear box, encoder, high and low speed, and other application environment modification possibilities.

    Using precious metal brushes, high performance Nd-Fe-B magnet, tiny gauge high strength enamelled winding wire, the motor is a compact, light weight precision product. This high efficiency motor has a low starting voltage and consumes less electricity.


    Business Machines:
    ATM, Copiers and Scanners, Currency Handling, Point of Sale, Printers, Vending Machines.
    Food and Beverage:
    Beverage Dispensing, Hand Blenders, Blenders, Mixers, Coffee Machines, Food Processors, Juicers, Fryers, Ice Makers, Soy Bean Milk Makers.
    Camera and Optical:
    Video, Cameras, Projectors.
    Lawn and Garden:
    Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers.
    Mesotherapy,insulin pump,hospital bed,Urine Analyzer


    Coreless motor advantages:

    1. High power density

    Power density is the ratio of output power to weight or volume. The motor with copper plate coil is small in size and good in performance. Compared with conventional coils, induction coils of the copper plate coil type are lighter.
    There is no need for winding wires and grooved silicon steel sheets, which eliminates the eddy current and hysteresis loss generated by them; the eddy current loss of the copper plate coil method is small and easy to control, which improves the efficiency of the motor and ensures higher output torque and output power.

    2. High efficiency

    The high efficiency of the motor lies in: the copper plate coil method does not have the eddy current and hysteresis loss caused by the coiled wire and the grooved silicon steel sheet; in addition, the resistance is small, which reduces the copper loss (I^2*R).

    3. No torque lag

    The copper plate coil method has no grooved silicon steel sheet, no hysteresis loss, and no cogging effect to reduce speed and torque fluctuations.

    4. No cogging effect

    The copper plate coil method has no slotted silicon steel sheet, which eliminates the cogging effect of the interaction between the slot and the magnet. The coil has a structure without a core, and all steel parts either rotate together (for example, a brushless motor), or all remain stationary (for example, brushed motors), cogging and torque hysteresis are significantly absent.

    5. Low starting torque

    No hysteresis loss, no cogging effect, very low starting torque. At start-up, usually the bearing load is the only hindrance. In this way, the starting wind speed of the wind generator can be very low.

    6. There is no radial force between the rotor and the stator

    Since there is no stationary silicon steel sheet, there is no radial magnetic force between the rotor and the stator. This is especially important in critical applications. Because the radial force between the rotor and the stator will cause the rotor to be unstable. Reducing the radial force will improve the stability of the rotor.

    7. Smooth speed curve, low noise

    There is no grooved silicon steel sheet, which reduces the harmonics of torque and voltage. Also, since there is no AC field inside the motor, there is no AC generated noise. Only noise from bearings and airflow and vibration from non-sinusoidal currents are present.

    8. High-speed brushless coil

    When running at high speed, a small inductance value is necessary. A small inductance value results in a low start-up voltage. Smaller inductance values help reduce the weight of the motor by increasing the number of poles and reducing the thickness of the case. At the same time, the power density is increased.

    9. Quick response brushed coil

    The brushed motor with copper plate coil has a low inductance value, and the current responds quickly to the fluctuation of the voltage. The moment of inertia of the rotor is small, and the response speed of torque and current is equivalent. Therefore, the rotor acceleration is twice that of conventional motors.

    10. High peak torque

    The ratio of peak torque to continuous torque is large because the torque constant is constant as the current rises to the peak value. The linear relationship between current and torque enables the motor to produce a large peak torque. With traditional motors, when the motor reaches saturation, no matter how much current is applied, the torque of the motor will not increase.

    11. Sine wave induced voltage

    Due to the precise position of the coils, the voltage harmonics of the motor are low; and due to the structure of the copper plate coils in the air gap, the resulting induced voltage waveform is smooth. The sine wave drive and controller allow the motor to generate smooth torque. This property is particularly useful on slow-moving objects (such as microscopes, optical scanners, and robots) and precise position control, where smooth-running control is key.

    12. Good cooling effect

    There is air flow on the inner and outer surfaces of the copper plate coil, which is better than the heat dissipation of the slotted rotor coil. The traditional enameled wire is embedded in the groove of the silicon steel sheet, the airflow on the surface of the coil is very little, the heat dissipation is not good, and the temperature rise is large. With the same output power, the temperature rise of the motor with copper plate coil is small.

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