GMP16T-TEC1636 16mm DC Coreless Brushless Planetary Gear Motor

  • Model Number: GMP16T-TEC1636
  • Usage: BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, Cosmetic instrument, SMART HOME, Robot DIY
  • Type: GEAR MOTOR
  • Torque:
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet
  • Commutation: Brushless
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    A planetary gearbox is a frequently used reducer made up of the planet gear, sun gear, and outer ring gear. Its structure has the functions of shunting, deceleration, and multi-tooth meshing to increase output torque, improved adaptability, and work efficiency. Usually positioned in the center, the sun gear imparts torque to the planet gears as they revolve around it. The planet gears mesh with the outer ring gear (which alludes to the bottom housing). We offer other motors, such as DC brushed motors, DC brushless motors, stepper motors, and coreless motors, which can be paired with a tiny planetary gearbox for improved performance.

    Advantages of Planetary Gearboxes
    1. High torque: When there are more teeth in contact, the mechanism can handle and transmit more torque uniformly.
    2. Sturdy and effective: By directly connecting the shaft to the gearbox, the bearing can reduce friction. It increases efficiency while also allowing for smoother running and better rolling.
    3. Exceptional precision: Because the rotation angle is fixed, the rotation movement is more precise and stable.
    4. Less noise: The numerous gears allow for more surface contact. Jumping is virtually non-existent, and rolling is significantly softer.


    Business Machines:
    ATM, Copiers and Scanners, Currency Handling, Point of Sale, Printers, Vending Machines.
    Food and Beverage:
    Beverage Dispensing, Hand Blenders, Blenders, Mixers, Coffee Machines, Food Processors, Juicers, Fryers, Ice Makers, Soy Bean Milk Makers.
    Camera and Optical:
    Video, Cameras, Projectors.
    Lawn and Garden:
    Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Trimmers, Leaf Blowers.
    Mesotherapy,insulin pump,hospital bed,Urine Analyzer


    The benefits of TBC series dc coreless brushless motors
    1. The characteristic curve is flat, and it can operate normally at all speeds under load.
    2. Because of the usage of a permanent magnet rotor, the power density is high while the volume is modest.
    3. Low inertia and improved dynamic properties
    4. No special starting circuit, no rating
    5. A controller is always required to keep the motor operating. This controller can also be used to control the speed.
    6. The frequency of stator and rotor magnetic fields is equivalent

    Protect Feature Drip-proof
    Speed(RPM) 10-2700rpm
    Continuous Current(A) 40mA~70mA
    Efficiency Ie 3
    Application Home Applicance
    Keywords High Torque Gear Motor
    Motor type DC Motor Brushless
    Feature High Efficiency
    Rated Speed 5rpm-2700rpm
    Load Capacity 30N
    Input Voltage 6-24V
    Power 6W Max (Can Customize)
    Material Metal Steel
    Shaft diameter 3MM-D


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